The Stab-in-the-Back Myth

The evening of November 9th saw a declaration of a 'general strike' in the Social Democratic Newspaper. By the evening Ebert was forced due to various internal struggles within the Social Democratic Party to ally the Social Democratic Party with the Independent Social Democrats. Extensive details of this along with primary source documents can be found in the edited volume. 

This is an example of the Nazi propaganda which sought to portray the German revolution as the  'Jewish Revolution.' 

This telegram was sent by the 'Munich Red Republic' to various other newly forming 'Communist Republics' throughout Eastern Europe declaring its existence. In particular note that it was sent to the Bolsheviks in Russia who were called a 'sister republic.' The text declares the revolution and expresses a desire that 'the day is not far away, that the Republic of Bavaria... is protected from every attack through the help of other 'revolutionary brotherly comrades.' 

This satirical rewriting of the German National Anthem appeared during the Weimar in response to the stab-in-the-back myth. An example of the lyrical content is as follows: 'Germany, through treachery and lies, not through the power of the enemy fallen... [Germany] you lay now defenceless and honorless, from every opponent easy to mock.'   

This paper the 'New Prussian Newspaper' was published by far-right political elements in the Weimar sympathetic to the Nationalist Parties (DNVP etc.) It features two Dolchstoss related articles. The first concerning a verdict in the aforementioned Dolchstoss trial. The second is a standard editorial discussing the 'treason against the German people.' The paper dates from 12/9/1925.

The party newspaper for the German Social Democratic Party. In this issue from 10/30/1925 the stab-in-the-back trial is discussed. Note the usage of the German phrase Dolchstossl├╝ge which differs from the standard Dolchstosslegende. This word was regularly used by the Social Democratic Party and translates as the 'stab-in-the-back-lie.'